Exchange Student

Are you or someone you know wanting to host a

foreign exchange student?

Did you know that there are kids your age from China, Germany, France, and London who are interested in coming to the United

States to see how ‘you’ live? These kids have a special opportunity through a company called CETUSA to travel to our area and become foreign exchange students. There are even some of these students who attend RVHS and MHS. The only thing they need is a place to live with people to take care of them while they are here attending school. If your family or a family you may know, relative or friend, is interesting in becoming one of these families please contact:

Sharon Peters, Manager for CETUSA at 888-238-8728, Check out the company’s website at:

Even check out their Facebook page at: CETUSA Facebook or email her at:

You can also talk to me, Rainee Hanson,, directly for more information.