​During the first couple of weeks the mathematics department has enjoyed getting to know the students and their goals in life. Many of our students are extraordinary people! The kids have all participated in some pretty heavy testing in math for the first couple of weeks. Now that we are finishing that initial assessment phase up, we can move on to finding innovative new ways of making math more meaningful to the students. We try to make a real life connection for learners between the math that they are learning and their need too use it in life. This helps to keep the students involved and interested in their own learning process.
I am taking this opportunity to invite any and all who are struggling with math to participate in Friday school. Friday school is on almost everyFriday of the school year from 8-12. For the first part of the school year, Friday school in the math department will be designed to help students build up their multiplication and division skills, as well as their understanding of fractions, decimals, and percentages. We are looking forward to a great year of student success!

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