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See the toggles below for job applications.  Our teacher application is an online form and the Bus Driver application is a downloadable PDF.

Bus Driver Application
Bus Driver Application PDF Please download and complete form.  You may email completed form to tjean@aobihs.com or drop off at our office.
Teacher Application


Please upload your Resume if applicable



Upload Statement if Available




I acknowledge that inquires may be made to obtain job related information from my previous and present employers, whether or not they are listed on the attached application, and that similar inquires may be directed to the persons listed as professional references, as well as to other individuals who know me.

I further acknowledge that inquires may, at the discretion of prospective employers, make inquires of law enforcement agencies, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and education institutions, and may initiate investigations by private persons for the purpose of verifying information supplied by me or to obtain additional information. I authorize such inquiry and investigation and the giving and receiving of any information requested by the school as part of such inquiry and investigation.

I further acknowledge that application for Arizona certification requires a complete background and fingerprint check executed prior to my employment. I understand that I will be responsible for the payment of all fees associated with this background/fingerprint check.

I further acknowledge that, upon employment, I will be required to provide proof of immunity to infectious diseases by providing the following:
MEASLES: Anyone born after January 1, 1957 must show proof of immunity by one of the following: (1) medical records showing person received vaccine after 15 months of age and the date of immunization. Vaccine must have been the live virus vaccine and give after 1968. (2) Blood test confirming immunity.
RUBELLA: Anyone born after January 1, 1942 must show proof of immunity by one of the following: (1) Medical records showing person received the vaccine after 15 months of age and the date of immunization. Vaccine must have been the live virus vaccine and given after 1968. (2) Blood test confirming immunity.

I further acknowledge that the Academy of Building Industries may release any and all application materials to schools with which they have contracts for the recruitment of certificated staff members and give my full and unreserved permission for the release of said materials. I also release Academy of Building Industries and any of its agents from liability for any claims arising from such release of information, background inquiries, and investigations.

I affirm that all information provided by me on this application is true, and I understand that if any part of the information is false or misrepresented (including omission of information called for), my application may not be considered, or if I am employed by a school, will be sufficient grounds for discharge. A photocopy of this release shall be as effective as the original.

By typing your full name below, you attest that statements made in this application are true and unaltered. You also agree to the terms laid out in the above acknowledgement.

Full legal Name
Students: Contact Coy O’Kelley for more information or to apply

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AOBI strives to stay relevant in the community and the workplace. To that end, we offer local businesses the opportunity to post job listings here for our current students and graduates. All students go through us before they reach you so you know they are vetted and ready to work.
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